Diabetes in Pets: Signs & Symptoms, Treatment & Prevention

November 20, 2021

By erika

Diabetes in Pets

Diabetes in pets has become increasingly common in today’s society. Any pet parent can agree that the news that your dog or cat may have diabetes can be a real shocker. BUT, it isn’t a death sentence. Unlike some deadly diseases, diabetes is fairly manageable with the proper knowledge. However, as the saying goes: “Prevention is better than cure.” 

Our pet’s health is essential, so with diabetes becoming a more common disease, we want to tell you how to catch it early. There are various warning signs and symptoms to look out for diabetes. We’ll let you know the signs to look out for and what you can do for diabetes prevention in this blog.


Excessive Water Drinking and Urination

Depending on your pet’s age and current state of health, too much water consumption and frequent urination can indicate an underlying health issue. Pets, after exercising, usually drink a lot of water, but if you notice your pet quenching a never-ending or frequent thirst, then it may be best to schedule a visit with the vet. The frequent need to go to the bathroom is also concerning if your pet is younger with a healthy bladder. Be sure to keep an eye out for your pet’s bathroom habits. They can tell you a lot about your pet’s health. 


Weight Loss

Weight does fluctuate depending on lifestyle and the changes going on in life, but significant weight changes are concerning. If your pet isn’t on some weight loss plan, losing a noticeable amount of weight is troubling. Significant weight loss in a short period should be brought to the attention of your veterinarian. This can be a sign that something is seriously wrong. 


Recurring Infections 

Recurring infections can be a sign of diabetes in pets. Diabetes does make healing from infections more complicated. If infections occur frequently, it can strongly indicate that your pet’s body is having a hard time healing and fighting injury. A healthy pet’s body is resilient and can handle and fight most infections quickly. Our pets are tough, so when injuries are more difficult to heal from, a second opinion from a professional may be worth getting.

Diabetes in Pets

Give Plenty of Exercise

The best way to prevent diabetes is to keep your pets healthy. Overweight pets are more prone to develop diabetes. Going on regular walks or dedicating a specific amount of time for indoor play each day can positively impact their health. Just like for humans, a pet’s health is an investment and the time and effort you put into it from the beginning will have your pet’s feeling healthy and your wallets complete with fewer trips to the vet.


Regular Vet Check-Ups

Making regular vet visits can help you maintain your pet’s health. The vet can spot things or recommend changes that can save your pet from trouble in the long run. Things like spaying your female dogs can help prevent diabetes. Be sure to ask your vet for more ways of prevention that can help your dog and avoid the risk of developing diabetes in the future. 


Low Carb and High Protein

The proper diet can help your pet maintain a healthy weight. Staying away from sugars and increasing your pet’s protein can help your pet regulate and process their food better. Be sure to ask your vet for any food recommendations if you are unsure of the food to feed your pet. 


Insulin Injections

Insulin injections are a form of treatment of diabetes for pets. These injections help regulate blood sugars and are necessary for pets with diabetes. Since pets hate needles, it’s altogether a better idea to prevent needing to use one in general! Of course, some diabetes is reversible, so injections do not need to be lifelong.


Diabetes in pets is usually a highly preventable disease. Prevention decreases their chances of developing diabetes and will curtail many other health issues. We want to encourage you to take the proper steps to ensure your pets are healthy. At House Calls Solano, we take pet health very seriously. You can trust us to take the very best care of your pet and ensure they are healthy during any service we provide!

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