Ticks in Spring and Summer

June 11, 2019
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Did you know ticks thrive in late Spring and Summer?

It was a normal Saturday night pet sitting. Go see the cutest hounds ever, take them for a walk and feed them dinner. The type of visit I’ve done more times than I can count. Unfortunately. this time it was not so normal. This time I picked up some hitchhikers. Ticks. Not just one. I found five. FIVE!

I have ticks – what now?

After getting those bugs off of me (shudder), I reached out immediately to my local pet control service. Baker Pest Control is my favorite in Northern Solano County. Sure enough, Scott Baker said fleas and ticks thrive in the late spring and summer. Another problem is they fall off wild animals like possums, raccoons and the feral cats that may wander into your yard. From there you or your pets can bring them into your home. Scott says pest control service is your best friend right now. Regular pest control can keep your yard clear of these critters.

The next thing I needed to address was the pets. How can I still take my dogs and client dogs on walks without infestation? I use a regular monthly flea/tick product that my veterinarian recommends, along with a heartworm preventative. One of my veterinarian friends told me not long ago that the monthly products only work until the pests become immune to them. I wanted to be sure that I was using what my vet is currently recommending. I called my veterinarian at Barney and Russum in Fairfield, CA. Veda Mack, DVM says that the Nexgard my dogs are using is still working. She also recommended Bravecto. Both of these products are available from your veterinarian who can tell you what is best for your dog or cat.

Then I wanted to know how to keep these ticks off of me in the future. My Spring and Summer is full of hikes and camping. What do I do for ticks on me?

There are many recommendations from holistic approaches to traditional bug repellants. The CDC says to treat your clothing, shoes and camping gear with 0.5% permethrin. They also recommend using a bug repellant containing DEET. Here is a link to the CDC site that lists all of the warnings and instructions for using the repellants they recommend: https://www.cdc.gov/ticks/avoid/on_people.html. Some people find things like Avon’s Skin So Soft original scent sprayed on clothing and body to keep the bugs off. Wearing long pants and tucking them into your boots is always a good thing. Most importantly, check for ticks on your pets and self after returning from a hike.

How to check your pet and yourself:

dog body tick check tick check body diagram

Talk with your professionals

One final word – if you do find you’ve been bitten by a tick, contact your regular doctor. There are some things they can do to help prevent you from catching the diseases that ticks spread. Although I checked with my pest service and my veterinarian, always check your personal service providers and your veterinarian for the best advice for your home and pets.

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